David’s Story: Facing Eviction in your 60s

This is the first of a series of podcasts we’ve been putting together for our patreon members, but have (with David’s consent) shared it now publicly. Help us keep having these conversations by joining at patreon.com/tortoiseshack

This Reboot Republic is the first in a series that aims to tell the personal stories of the housing crisis by the people impacted. In this podcast David tells us how he and his Partner are losing their home and are facing eviction in April 2022. David, a forklift driver, is in his 60s and cant see anywhere he can afford and ives in fear of becoming homeless. He explains how the house he has rented is his home and why he thinks that Ireland has broken the social contract with ordinary people. In this powerful conversation you’ll hear how the housing crisis impacts on mental health, and the reality of what it means for renters to face eviction and the loss of their home. Renters have a right to a forever home too.

We will be doing more of these personal stories. If you want to share or offer feedback you can contact us at rebootrepublic@gmail.com

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