Deprivation in Ireland Ep.14

This Reboot Republic podcast talks to Dr Tricia Kielthy of St Vincent De Paul & adjunct professor of UCD & Ciaran Nugent of the Nevin Economic Research institute. We analyse the recent Central Statistics Office report on deprivation and poverty in Ireland for 2019. We look at why lone parents have the highest rates of deprivation, institutionalised stigmatisation, austerity, lack of child care, the generational impacts of low wage precarious work and it’s intersection with the highest ever rents – renters have faced increasing deprivation levels , also the data shows inequality is worsening as the intensity of deprivation increased for the worst off. We discuss the psychological impacts of the COVID unemployment crisis. We do finish up looking at things to be hopeful about, the green new deal, & the opportunities in this upcoming Budget to go beyond micro changes to change the economic model to one of sustainable inclusive development.

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