Dr Austin O’Carroll #LocalHero Ep. 202

When I was a young fella in town I knew about the Doctor who looked after the drug addicts. I used to see him going around on his bike. I heard a story about him getting a chiropodist to look after homeless peoples feet. I didn’t know what a chiropodist was, but it sounded mega.

So imagine my joy when we recently got to sit down in The Tortoise Shack with GP, founder of Safetynet Ireland, former paralympian and true living legend, Dr Austin O’Carroll. The Doc came into talk about his remarkable life, his work in Dublin’s inner city and the incredible role he’s playing now in bringing care to where it is most needed, via mobile health clinics and more. We also talk about his coming to terms with his own disability after his mother was given thalidomide while she was pregnant and how that drove him. This is a super conversation with a true local hero. Thanks, Doc.

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