Dr Mary McAuliffe & Dr Vicky Conway – The RIC & the #BlackAndTans Ep. 208

The controversy around the government’s now deferred plan to commemorate the RIC, DMP and by extension the Black and Tans, has captured the public imagination. But my guests in The Tortoise Shack – Historian, Feminist, Assistant Professor at UCD’s Gender Studies, Dr Mary McAuliffe and Associate Professor at the School of Law and Government at DCU, member of the Policing Authority and one of the driving forces of lawyers for choice, Dr Vicky Conway – both think this is in reality an encouraging development.

In an enlightening conversation these two powerhouses talk through the origins of the RIC, the events of that era and how many of the decisions made then have gone on to shape the State we live in today, including our current police force. Most importantly, both Mary and Vicky argue that the idea that this controversy somehow means that we are too immature to debate difficult historical events is incorrect and if anything, we should have more of these debates, conversations and deeper looks into our history.

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