Eileen Flynn – Traveller, Senator, Activist. Ep.13

In this Reboot Republic podcast we talk to the inspirational Eileen Flynn, Traveller Activist, Senator and tired mammy of Bille, who is teething. Eileen talks about her experiences of discrimination from a young age and it’s life long impact on her. We hear about her decision at 25 to no longer deny her Traveller identity, why she believes the politicians in Leinster House should resemble the people they represent, and going beyond tokenism.

We also discuss the inequalities faced by Travellers, the Homeless & Direct Provision residents. Eileen eloquently outlines the need for everyone to have a home, saying – “blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make your own burn brighter”. Finally, she talks about how education opened her mind, empowered her & gave her confidence. An incredible story.

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