Ep. 18 Health Inequality: Why COVID levels are higher in disadvantaged areas.

This Reboot Republic podcast talks to Dr Edel McGinnity, a GP based in Mulhuddart Dublin about why COVID levels are substantially higher in disadvantaged areas. Edel explains that issues of structural inequality such as housing overcrowding and lack of space for self-isolation, reliance on public transport, but also stress, anxiety, other issues of ill health making people more vulnerable.

We discuss why health outcomes are much worse in disadvantaged areas, including childhood trauma, epigenetics, toxic stress, and lack of access to services, particularly for children. Edel outlines the reality of the massive health inequalities in Ireland but also suggests solutions such as a higher proportion of resourcing of health services in disadvantaged areas, like a DEIS for public health. She outlines her personal commitment to working for her community and patients, advocating for them, and their group, Deep End, that is highlighting the need for greater investment in health services in disadvantaged areas.

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