Ep.19 – The Right to Housing with Fr Peter McVerry

This Reboot Republic podcast talks to homelessness campaigner, Fr Peter McVerry. He explains how COVID has impacted on homelessness, with some positives finding housing freed up from Air BnB, but also negatives, with increased isolation of those who are homeless as drop-in services have had to shut. He explains why lifting of the eviction ban was a mistake and argues that it should be reinstated.

Peter also says that he remains motivated by homeless people themselves – their daily struggle inspires him to keep going and working for and with them – it makes him angry at the injustice, yet that keeps driving him on. We need people to get angry about the housing crisis and then to turn that anger into pressure on the government. That’s where change can come from. He also passionately explains that we need a right to housing put in the constitution and how he is going to keep up the pressure on this.

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