Ep.23 Time to Value Nurses & Midwives

As part of our Budget coverage in this Reboot Republic Podcast we talk to the General Secretary of the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO), Phil Ni Sheaghdha, about the difficulties of nursing in a pandemic, the lack of staff and the physical and mental health impacts all of this has on nurses. We talk about the need for additional nurses in the health system, while nurses that answered ‘Ireland’s call’ to return to Ireland from abroad are left with no work or intermittent work with agencies.

We discuss how nursing should be valued as a profession and the research that has proven higher staffing levels with dedicated nurses and midwifes employed directly by the HSE improve patient outcomes and provide savings on agency staff. We also talk about how Slaintecare should be implemented and what the Government could do in the Budget to provide the multi-annual funding to recruit and retain the nursing and midwifery staff that are fundamental for a quality public health system. Phil also outlines the INMO Industrial Relations strategy to make this happen.

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