Ep.25 – Ideas for a strong economy & equal society for Budget 2021

In this Budget 2021 Special Podcast our most popular panel about what should be in the Budget to provide a strong economy and a more equal society. We are joined by Dr Tricia Kielty, SVP, Dr Tom McDonnell, NERI, Michael Taft, Economist with SIPTU and Colette Bennett from Social Justice Ireland. The case is made by the panel for borrowing for long term investment in housing, childcare and a just transition, legislation to end child poverty. It is pointed out that it is economically sound and essential to re-instate the PUP and to increase core social welfare rates in order to avoid people falling into poverty. We need to avoid austerity under the radar – as investment falls over the long term. This is the definitive analysis of what should be in Budget 2021 to provide a strong economy, fair society and sustainable environment.

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