Ep.27 Tortoise Shack Live – Sunday Special Self-Isolating

At 12 we recorded a Live Tortoise Shack Sunday Special and it was one of my favourites. Caroline walked Vicky, Martin, Linda, me and Jules from the ConverSayTrans podcast through a jam packed schedule.

The Irish Examiner’s Aoife Moore and Vicky gave a brilliant insight into events over “the border” and the issues facing Policing. Simone George talked We Can Be Zero and the real cost of rolling lockdowns. Linda talked about the people from good families who can buy their way out of jail. We also talk the PAC and the LDA. We then had a brilliant contribution from Jean about her experience of living and enduring the pandemic.

This is always the best podcast of the week.

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And make sure you check out our 2 new additions, ConverSayTrans Podcast and The 2 Norries Podcast!

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