Ep.30 Education in a Pandemic

In this Reboot Republic Podcast we return to the education panel that had a huge responce in August, to look at how the education system is coping during the COVID19 pandemic, at primary, secondary, and third level. We are joined by Professor Linda Connolly, Director of Maynooth University Social Science Institute, Ciara Reilly, lecturer in Education ICT at the Marino Institute, Jana Lyons, Primary School Teacher and INTO member, and Chris Davey, secondary school teacher and ASTI member.

The panel provide the perspectives of teachers, parents, and lecturers on how the education system is responding, surviving and operating during the pandemic. Concerns are raised in relation to underinvestment, lack of supports for schools and principals , large class sizes, contact tracing and the need to listen to children and young people. Ideas for what needs to be done set out, including being honest with schools, accountability and governance at national level, investing in education, planning for on-line supports/curriculum and equal pay for teachers employed since 2010.

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