Ep.436 – The Mother and Baby Home Report with Catherine Connolly

It was a pleasure to be joined by Independent TD for Galway, Catherine Connolly on the whitewash that is the Mother and Baby Home Report. Catherine speaks a length about the serious flaws n the report, the deliberate language it uses to create a false balance and the way this was stage-managed in an attempt to control the narrative.

We also discuss how promises continue to be broken and that while this report is published, it is far from the closure that many in powerful positions might have hoped it would be. Listen now.

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  1. Catherine Connelly for Taoisheach. So intelligent, caring, honourable and honest. She really doesn’t fit in up there. Never change Catherine

  2. Hi Tony, just listen to to you interview with Catherine Connolly. I have been supporting victims and survivors of Mother and Baby Homes for many years and would like to share the following .
    Yours Sincerely.
    John Gibbs



    Wrapped up in linen and laid in a tomb
    Shame followed outrage at findings in Tuam
    Innocent victims and innocent souls
    Left to the dark and the damp and the cold

    Call in the verses that rave and that rant
    Call on the voices that charter and chant
    Call in sweet glory with its petals of gold
    To harvest compassion for those innocent souls

    Call in the wind on her way through the leaves
    Knowing and flowing and going with ease
    Call on the lakes and the rivers to spill
    Into the oceans of love and goodwill

    Call in the bards with their voices so fine
    Minstrels and poets and masters of rhyme
    Call on the moon and the stars and the sun
    Bestowing the right that the wrong be undone

    Call on the saints and the scholars of old
    Loosen those chains let those secrets unfold
    Open those ledgers the past to reveal
    Into the future sweet flowers of the field

    Into the darkness send wands of pure light
    Cast out the shade and the shadows of night
    Call on the waters that murmur along
    To carry the heart and the soul of their song
    To carry the heart and the soul of their song
    To carry the heart and the soul of their song

  3. It is highly obvious that those who compiled this report are not fit for purpose as they continue the tribal lies and misogynistic catholic cultists mentality.
    Thank you Cathrine Coreless and Cathrine Connolly for your outstanding emotional intelligence necessary to challenge the vile denial towards women who were at the mercy of lies

  4. I am one of these survivors from St Patrick’s mother and babies home and I can’t believe I still do not have a copy of this report !! I admire Catherine Connolly sticking up for us but can’t understand how even she gets copy before me .

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