Ep.429 – Adam Mohamed: Untitled

It was a pleasure to be joined for what was his first ever podcast appearance by Adam Mohamed, to talk about his spoken word piece, Untitled. We are also joined by the producer of the video and long-time activist, Dean Scurry.

Adam, it turns out, went to the same school as me. But only a few decades apart. We discuss the piece and the way he uses terms and slogans of othering and turns them back on the user. We discuss how it is both a personal story and a universal struggle. We also discuss the many veils we all wear or hide behind. We had some audio issues, but do stick with it.

This podcast, with permission, opens with the piece. The video is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaWnNs9-Y1I&t=29s

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