Ep.472 – Hungry Bellies Are Not Equal To Full Bellies

It was a pleasure to be joined by Breda O’Donoghue from the Travellers Visibility Group, based in Cork and Unite Trade Unionist, Brendan Ogle on the new report: Hungry Bellies Are Not Equal To Full Bellies, which is a response to an article by Pat Leahy “Ireland is becoming more unequal? Wrong” Irish Times Dec 5th 2020.

Breda explains how the analysis is in no way representative of the lived experience of her community and the people who she works with. Brendan discusses the report itself and explains how it disproves the selective data used in Pat Leahy’s article. We talk about the need to counter the There IS No Alternative (TINA) mantra of hegemony and why inequality is at the root of our various social crises.

The full report is available HERE

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