Ep.57 – Parenting in Lockdown with Joanna Fortune

In our third Surviving Parenting in Lockdown podcast I am delighted to be joined by Joanna Fortune, author of 15-Minute Parenting, and highly experienced and qualified clinician in the field of psychotherapy, particularly in trauma recovery.

Joanna provides some really practical advice for parents to manage stress, and useful ideas to help parenting in these really difficult times of lockdown, like when we ‘flip the lid’ with our kids – which we do in these stressful times. She explains what is to be ‘good enough’ parents and to prioritise effort over outcome. Joanna believes that we must value the caring roles in society of parenting, childcare and education.

She also discusses her work in providing thera-play support for parents in homelessness. She also explains that we can create an empathetic society by nurturing empathy in our children, and she gives some useful advice for this. A wonderful discussion. We would love feedback from listeners on this – and if you have any questions for future parenting podcasts please let us know – message Rory on twitter on @RoryHearne

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