Ep.64 – Solving the Housing Crisis: A Political Choice

This Reboot Republic podcast is a recording of an interview with our host Dr Rory Hearne of the Maynooth University Department of Applied Social Studies, about the Irish housing crisis, its origins and solutions. The interview was undertaken by CiarĂ¡n Galway of the Eolas Magazine with Rory as the keynote interview of Ireland’s Housing Conference 2021.

The title of the interview is Reclaiming, reimagining and rebuilding a vision for public housing for all. In it Rory explains the origins of the housing crisis in a series of factors including the shift to a market model of housing provision, the neoliberal Thatcherite move away from public housing and the financialisation of housing as global investors turn homes into wealth accumulating assets and worsen affordability and access for those in housing need. He details the experience of Ireland in comparison with other countries such as the UK and Austria.

Rory also explains the choices available to government – that they can chose to support developers and the market, or take a different path and support those in need of housing such as tenants through strengthening tenant protections and build affordable housing. He also outlines the need to challenge the normalisation of homelessness, the devastating impacts of homelessness, and why the Referendum on the Right to Housing should be held as soon as possible and not put into the housing commission. He finishes with a vision for a housing system for all – affordable, secure, quality and environmentally sustainable.

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