Ep.68 – Zero Covid and Public Health

In this Reboot Republic podcast, Professor Clíona Ni Cheallaigh, Clinical Lead of Inclusion Health and Infectious Diseases in St James’ Hospital, about why Ireland needs a Zero Covid strategy and why the Government is refusing to implement it. Clíona critiques the false dichotomy of economy versus public health and sets out key aspects to achieving a Zero Covid, including investing in Public Health – a properly resourced public health surveillance system. Clíona also explains the pressure on hospitals and the mental and physical health impacts of dealing with COVID on health staff, and the trauma of grief and bereavement from COVID in patients and their families.

Stating that this last week was the most difficult and saddest week of her 17 years working in the health system, this is an eyeopener to those who say “we dodged a bullet.” A must listen.

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