Ep.81 We Can Be Zero with Tomás Ryan

This Reboot Republic talks to Tomás Ryan, associate professor in the School of Biochemistry and Immunology at Trinity College Dublin, and co-founder of the Independent Scientific Advocacy Group (I.S.A.G.). Tomas explains what the Government should be doing to achieve Zero COVID – through a strategy of crush, contain, and chase the virus. While the legislation on hotel quarantine is an important legal framework, it is inadequate in practice. There is also a need to resource public health properly to enable a ‘wart time’ effort. There is also a need to address inequalities and provide supports to those worst hit. There is no such plan yet in place – COVID is being treated like a flood, but it should be treated like a fire. We have a zero fire approach, we need a Zero Covid one. If we have, we can get to level 1 by the summer and stay there. Join the conversation – support Zero Covid – go to ISAG and wecanbezero.com

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