Episode 400: The Whistleblowers – The Fallout

We do regular short Tortoise Shack member only podcasts that are (whisper it) behind the paywall. But today’s was a bit different. We discussed the ‘no confidence’ vote, the ugly Trump style politics, the Seamus Woulfe debacle and the incompetence of continuing with the current housing policies. But seeing as it is our 400th Episode we’ve made that free to all now and from 19mins in it features a must hear interview with Antoinette Delaney McGree, the wife of Whistleblower Noel McGree.

Ireland takes a toll on Whistleblowers, but rarely is the toll it takes on their partners and family openly discussed. Antoinette Delaney McGree is the wife of Whistleblower, Noel McGree, who you would’ve heard from earlier today. She picks up the pieces, she stands by her husband; even though she feels like a prisoner in her own town. The regular abuse she endures for supporting her husband is a direct result of failures at the very top to support Whistleblowers. We are very grateful to Antoinette and the McGree family for sharing their story with us.

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