Exclusive: Shocking Attack at Attempted Illegal Eviction

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Yesterday at 1:20pm a man attempted to cut his way into a house in order to carry out an illegal eviction. The tenant, Dr Muhammad Raheel, confronted the landlord, who then approached him with an electric saw telling him that he’d split him open. The Doctor reported this attempted assault to his local Garda station. Nothing happened.
Dr Raheel joined me, alongside several of his colleagues, to talk about this horrendous day, the events that led up to it and the message it sends to the immigrant medical community.
Please listen.
Here’s the video:https://twitter.com/LiqaDr/status/1647996333083574273?s=20
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  1. Jesus! What can we do?? Shouting on Twitter feels wholly inadequate. I’m a doctor myself and though I can’t bear to see this happening to anyone but it is especially upsetting to see it happening to a colleague. Is there anything more frightening than the feeling that if you need the police they’ll ignore you? I’ve only recently moved back to Ireland. Of all the nonsense this makes me question my choices.

    Keep doing the great work ye’re doing ✊

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