#GE2020 – A Grand (old) Coalition?

The “debate” passed off in an uninspiring 0 – 0 draw and the only talking points were the Taoiseach’s discomfort around his drug taking past and his comfort with his FG/FF coalition future. We fact check some of the claims and ask why easily disproved points went unchallenged. We also discuss the new #HomeForGood campaign and how to make the Right to Housing an issue for your local candidates (see Reboot Republic podcast for more) and the pensions time-bomb, that is simply the State’s refusal to collect taxes owed to us.

Then we have 2 interviews with candidates for Meath East in Fianna Fáil TD, Thomas Byrne and Sinn Féin candidate, Darren O’Rourke. It is an interesting insight into two representatives from the same constituency.

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