#GE2020 – Disability Rights

We went to the Irish Wheelchair Associations offices to talk with Chair of Inclusion Ireland, Lorraine Dempsey and IWA’s Advocacy Officer, Joan Carty, to ask are those with disabilities equal citizens in this Republic. We discuss with Lorraine and Joan the reality facing people with a disability. We hear about the shocking recent cuts to disability services budgets and talk about the need for wider conversations about community inclusion of those who are different. We also talk housing, healthcare and employment opportunities, the hurtful and wrong comments from Fine Gael Senator, Catherine Noone.

Finally we ask what should the next Government do.

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  1. Thankyou for highlighting some issues that are close to my heart. I practice ability rather than disability with my son. He should not have restrictions imposed on him by a society who are uneducated in parenting a unique individual.
    I do feel that an umbrella link between health and education would be of benefit to parents. while a list of services is not available to all parents, parents jobs are made more difficult in not knowing what facilities are available. Ie parents with personal restriction e.g. education, do not know what is available to them for their child,

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