#GE2020 – The Exit Polls Ep.236

It’s a 3 way tie and despite all the nonsense about the ‘Leo vs Micheal’ narrative it is clear now that a majority in this country want to live in a society and no longer just exist in the economy of Fine Gael or Fianna Fáil.

Martin, to give him his due, called it, 45% for the Fianna Gaeler’s. No matter what the headlines say tomorrow, Leo Varadkar has led FG into an electoral catastrophe and FF failed to win an election that was offered to them by an accident prone incumbent government. Yes, it’s only an exit poll, but the political landscape has changed. This is only half-time and the leaders of the Broad Left must talk now and agree a strategy. We didn’t give into Project Fear, it’s time our Leaders showed the same courage.

This podcast is dedicated to Marie Carberry, who passed away earlier today. All of us at The Tortoise Shack send all our love and support to your family at this time. Love you, Rachel.

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