#GE2020 – The Results – An Epic Day Ep.237

This is a humongous day. If anything the Exit Poll underestimated the Broad Left Vote and while FF/FG might end up with more seats than SF, the Broad Left is the real winner. Don’t buy the narrative of “the people want change, but they don’t know what change they want”. That’s nonsense. The people have said they no longer want a €5er in tax cuts and poorly funded public services and the people have said that politicians who think accountability is only for the working class will no longer be tolerated.

To talk about all this and what it might mean I’m joined by 2 candidates who are very likely to be TD’s in the coming hours: Green Party’s Dublin Central, Neasa Hourigan and Sinn Féin’s Meath East, Darren O’Rourke. Both offer their thoughts on what this result means and their willingness to engage in a Broad Left Govt.

This is very exciting!

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