#givebackIE Ep.185

What if you could help end street homelessness by just a few clicks?

Our guest in The Tortoise Shack is Cathal Curry, one of the people behind giveback.ie, a brilliant new tool that you can download to your phones or Google Chrome extension and every time you shop in over 1,200 retail units between 1 and 10% of your purchase price goes to Inner City Helping Homelessness.

Cathal talks to us about the origin of the idea, teaming with the people in ichh.ie and the Housing First model it hopes to help to build. This podcast is a simple call to action. Download the App. Download it on yourself, then download it to your sisters, mothers, brothers, fathers and friends devices. Then whenever we make a purchase we will all be helping to eradicate street homelessness.

That’s it.

Do it now.

Hit Pause on the Pod and Do it Now.



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