Going Backwards – The New Legislation for Renters S.2 Ep.6

This Reboot Republic Podcast discusses the failings of the Government’s new rental legislation to protect tenants and the need for greater measures to help those in rent arrears. We talk to Ann-Marie O Reilly and Gavin Elliott from Threshold about the new Bill which removes the COVID ban on evictions and rent freeze for most tenants. We ask why the moratorium was not extended in the interest of both the common good and the Exchequer.

The new Bill once more means that tenants can be evicted if a landlord “intends” to sell their property or to move a family member in. We also discuss how the COVID measures positively reduced homelessness, and why a referendum is needed to put a right to housing in the Constitution, so that measures to protect tenants can be put in place without fear of legal challenge.

More info: threshold.ie or call 1800 454 454

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