Ep.47 Growing Pains: Ireland and Migrant Workers

This Reboot Republic talks to Niall Sargent, Investigative Reporter with Noteworthy.ie and to Brid McKeown of the Migrants Rights Centre of Ireland, about the conditions of migrant workers in the horticultural sector. Niall outlines the key findings from Noteworthy’s recent crowdfunded investigation which included low pay, poor conditions, the fear of speaking out and the general lck of labour rights in the horticulture industry and the absence of a concern about labour rights in some Government Departments. Brid explains about the need for collective bargaining rights for migrant workers, their vulnerability, their internalisation of racism resulting in the lack of confidence to speak up or challenge their exploitation. Brid finishes with a moving description of the migrant experience.

See the article here: https://www.noteworthy.ie/reaping-harvest-pt1-5300738-Dec2020/

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