Homelessness In A Pandemic with ICHH’s Anthony Flynn

Ireland already had a housing and homelessness emergency before the Covid-19 pandemic. While the emergency response has received near universal acclaim we’d seen the number of people still sleeping on our streets still very high. So we caught up with Independent Dublin City Councillor and CEO of Inner City Helping Homelessness, Anthony Flynn, to discuss what is going right, what is going wrong and where is the money going to. We also discuss the lack of oversight at local government level and the feeling that the same old people are profiting from this crisis.

Note: I say on the pod that the State are renting private hospitals for €11m per month, the most recent figure available is €130m per month and I’ve also received secondary verification that a well known vulture fund is “renting” properties to the State for emergency accommodation during the pandemic. #NoGoingBack.

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