International Women’s Day – Tortoise Shack Live

This week Caroline, Linda and Vicky hosted a phenomenal Live Podcast with an incredible panel that included our newest Tortoise Shack family member, Joella Dhlamini, Senator Eileen Flynn, Activist Adeline Berry, ConverSayTrans Co-host (and Tortoise Shack Royalty) Alexandra Hall, the wonderful Joy Tendai Kangere, Longford Cllr Uruemu Adejinmi and journalist and broadcaster, Dawn Foster.

We discussed intersectionality, proper allyship, how hurtful it is to have a seat at the table and yet be gagged, the press presentation of the “evil woman”, voting more women into politics, the role of NGOs in modern perceptions and feminism and we learned more about young activists who are up and coming and ones to watch.

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