‘My Brother is Getting Out of Gaza’

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Israel is waging a war against UNRWA to defund it amidst genocide. The world watches as Palestinians are starved in Gaza, and does nothing enough to help people there, not as fast as some western countries rushed to defund UNRWA. China, Belgium, Ireland and Spain and other countries call for supporting the UN agency in the face of a campaign that aims to eradicate it. Here we stand watching more regional developments as Houthis continue to blockade the Red Sea and the UK and the US continue to target them. The Biden administration is trying to convince Arab Americans to vote for them again but this does not seem to be the case. Yousef Aljamal, Helena Cobban, and Tony Groves bring Gaza to the discussion in light of global politics.
Stay tuned for an amazing live performance by Ara, Aziz and the Accidental Rapper as part of Podcasts for Palestine at the Sugar Club.

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