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It was a pleasure to be joined by DCU Prof Anthony Staines and Doctor Liqa Rehman to talk about the week that was. Martin even made his first appearance in a month! We discuss the great news on the Stamp 4 campaign, the worrying news around Covid numbers, some of the latest from Ukraine, what is happening in the US in women’s reproductive healthcare and the laws targeting Trans people and we talk Iran firing missiles into Iraq.

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  1. Thanks for bringing this information for common people. This change will benefit IMG Doctors as well as common people of Ireland who are getting the health service. Giving spouse working rights is a historic decision.Minister Helen McEntee is doing tremendous job in revamping the policies of Department of Justice.
    Still many more reforms needed for example Reentry visa for childrens( easy but cumbersome procedure) Citizenship delays and getting stamp 4 renewal every year. Just for example UK gives Indefinite visa after 5 years of stay. This is more of a administrative issue which can be solved to giving ease to the people.

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