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Policed in Ireland – Migrants Ep.1

The Policed PodcastWelcome to Policed in Ireland with me, Dr Vicky Conway. In this, our first episode, we listen to Majo Rivas discuss her experiences of an Garda Síochána, both in reporting hate crime and in the immigration process. Fiona Finn from NASC and Dr Lucy Michael also join us to provide context around many of the issues raised by Majo.

Why are migrants slow to engage with police? What do these encounters mean for trust in the police? This is Policed in Ireland. To hear the full interview with Majo and support this project please join us on:

Artwork by @Ciaraioch – Production, editing and sound design by Brian at Grooves Ahead. Creative Commons material by Stephen Kelly, Denis Chapon, leonmail mosfran and POPtravel.

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  1. Had to stop after 25 mins. Couldn’t listen to that ‘victim’ whinging anymore. Sounds more like she goes looking for trouble, then moans when she finds it. While practically all migrants are ordinary decent people, maybe it is prudent to have interaction with the police to help identify a possible terrorist, ffs. A heavily biased podcast is not an investigation and just ended up hard to listen to. Great topic, bad report. Will see what next one is like.
    Oh, I am not a guard and most certainly would not want to do their job.

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