Policed the Beat: Deaths in Custody

In this important episode of Policed the Beat Vicky goes on a solo run, talking through one aspect of GSOC’s 2021 Annual Report – data on deaths in custody. It’s the first time we’ve been given such data ever. Vicky talks through what it means, but also the serious questions it generates. Do listen and recommend us!
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  1. Great podcast Vicki. Prison deaths were never investigated. I was in Mountjoy when Murders occured. I watched what passed for a Murder Investigation after Mick Hendrick was killed. It was a joke. Cork Prison Officers were never held accountable for shredding the S.O.P. Books from the D Block. Then printing new ones and handing them to the Inspector of Prisons and the Garda.

    Still hard to fathom how the Inspector closed St. Pats for Human Rights abuses against Children and Young Adults. He found a culture of abuse so ingrained it couldn’t be reformed. Yet all those Officer’s who were complicit in Human Rights abuses were simply dispersed throughout the Prison Estate. No accountability and no responsibility. Some of those Officer’s are now Chiefs and Governor’s. In what other Country would that be allowed. So we now have hundreds of Prison Officers working in our Prisons today who were actively involved in Human Rights abuses. The report that led to the closure of St Pats has some horrific details of Staff abusing Young Adults. I can’t understand how nobody highlights those facts.

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