Sarah El Said #CallingItOut Ep.205

Hate speech, othering and “acceptable” racism is on the rise. We see so many examples of how it has gained and is gaining power across the globe. Our guest in The Tortoise Shack is recent graduate in Public Policy, Political Aide and the proud daughter of a Ryan and a Said, Sarah El Said. Sarah talks about her experience of growing up with mixed heritage, finding her dual identity and how having access to two cultures is a strength, not a weakness. We discuss how childhood experiences made her conscious of her difference, the casual racism she endures and how our “hear them out” political and media types have validated prejudices and bigotry. We cannot say it is a tiny minority when we see the Leader of the country campaigning alongside a person who had only days earlier expressed racist and Islamophobic views. Sarah, as you will hear, is all for us calling it out. We are too.


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