Sunday Special #32

We have just finished what was a difficult, but necessary podcast with you, our community. We discussed the hurt caused by the tweets posted by former Tortoise Shack contributor, Linda Hayden, the things we’d do differently and the challenging conversations that we are having and will continue to have. We were joined by Executive Director of the Rape Crisis Network, Cliona Saidlear and journalist and broadcaster, Dawn Foster. We had an incredible amount of engagement and contributions from our audience. This is a pretty raw and emotions spilled over. While that is understandable, I am sorry for any hurt caused. As suggested we are including links for some organisations that are available should you be impacted by this. Thank you so much for your support and feedback. This is a community and we are listening.

National Covid-19 Traveller Helpline: 083 100 6300

Mental Health support for young Traveller’s text Pavee to 50808

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