The 41st Tortoise Shack Sunday Special with the Muslim Sisters of Eire

This week for the Live Sunday Special it was a pleasure to be joined by founder of the Muslim Sisters of Eire, Lorraine O’Connor, Madrid based Professor Joe Haslam and Architect, Orla Hegarty.

We discussed the Covid Poverty that has seen demand for Muslim Sisters of Eire’s services almost overwhelmed, the public anger at the housing crisis reaching what many believe is a tipping point, the elections in Madrid, England and Scotland, the US vs EU on the TRIP’s Waiver, changes to COVID advice by the WHO, Eoghan Harris and a defence of Social Media, as well as how Ireland’s leprechaun economics is hurting Ireland’s COVID recovery. Thanks to our guests and our Live audience for their inputs.

For more on the Muslim Sisters of Eire HERE.

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