Ep.417: The Prison Whistleblower – #LeoTheLeak

We are rejoined in the Tortoise Shack by #PrisonWhistleBlower, Noel McGree, to discuss the revelations in today’s Irish Examiner that Leo Varadkar is under investigation for failing to protect a Whistleblower and for ‘leaking’ Noel’s protected disclosure.

That all of this was ongoing whilst the vote of ‘No Confidence’ was taking place into the Tánaiste is explosive and calls into question many of the statements made by members of the government in the weeks and days surrounding the #LeoTheLeak controversy. The facts don’t add up and the Tánaiste and others must account for their actions that have seen a good mans career destroyed.

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  1. there is no justice, there is no accountability, there is no responsibility, there is only power & authority & the ordinary citizen is excluded. Quelle surprise. Leo Vradkhar is untouchable it would seem. You have my complete sympathy, Noel.

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