Ep.417: The Prison Whistleblower – #LeoTheLeak

We are rejoined in the Tortoise Shack by #PrisonWhistleBlower, Noel McGree, to discuss the revelations in today’s Irish Examiner that Leo Varadkar is under investigation for failing to protect a Whistleblower and for ‘leaking’ Noel’s protected disclosure.

That all of this was ongoing whilst the vote of ‘No Confidence’ was taking place into the T├ínaiste is explosive and calls into question many of the statements made by members of the government in the weeks and days surrounding the #LeoTheLeak controversy. The facts don’t add up and the T├ínaiste and others must account for their actions that have seen a good mans career destroyed.

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  1. there is no justice, there is no accountability, there is no responsibility, there is only power & authority & the ordinary citizen is excluded. Quelle surprise. Leo Vradkhar is untouchable it would seem. You have my complete sympathy, Noel.

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