Ep.399 The Whistelblowers with Noel McGree

Our guest is retired (more on that on the podcast) Prison Officer, Noel McGree, who refused to turn a blind eye to the corruption he saw in the Prison Service.

He followed procedure, followed the rules and has suffered greatly for it. This is a shocking podcast but even more shocking is the daily harassment and abuse Noel and his family endure right up to this very week.

Noel was a Prison Officer with a long and impeccable record, an example to prison officers everywhere. For his integrity he has been “retired off”, shunted away on a reduced pension that has left him with serious financial issues and despite his attempts, the current Justice Minister refuses to engage with him. Who would be a Whistleblower?

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  1. Hi Noel
    Just heard your podcast very sorry for you and your family the way you were treated. I am retired 11 years worked in catering for 28 years 3 in Portlaoise 25 Arbour Hill. I was bullied in Portlaoise I went to the Governor and told him I was going legal and they removed me to Arbour Hill I was luckily it was mild compared to you situation. Just one question where was the POS during all of this.
    Again I am sorry for what you and your family went through. If you ever need chat don’t hesitate and give me a ring .

    Kind regards
    Gerry Ryan

  2. whilst a very serious case !…it is only the ”tip of the iceberg ” in scandals about to emerge from the irish prison service !…!…!…

  3. I am in the near the end of my traumatic journey with the Irish prison service which has gone on ten years, I have been talked out of a protected disclosure by a senior department official and also had promises of a solution made by Helen McEntee when she was junior minister for Francis Fitsgerald, is a shocking place to be and the treatment from IPS is quite unbelievable

    • Omg this is shocking I can’t believe Charlie Flanagan and Leo did nothing. I CANT BELIEVE the Irish Media are doing nothing .Well done at highlighting this. This is some corruption

  4. I was a Prison Officer in Portlaoise Prison, like Noel McGee also ordered by the prison governor to make a false report on an escape attempt to have another prison officer sacked. I also know of one more PO who was ordered to to the same on another escape attempt.

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