Tortoise Shack #SundaySpecial 8

This week Linda Hayden of the PAC Woman Podcast took the helm and led Martin, Vicky, Caroline and myself through some of the news of the week. We were joined by 2 Special Guests, journalist with the Irish Examiner, Aofie Moore and freelance journalist, Peter McGuire. We talk #GolfGate, #SpeakorSurvive, the Covid-19 second wave and the need for an All Ireland approach.

Don’t miss the full version where we opened up the mics and Simon McGarr, Attracta Uí Bhroin, Lorna Bogue and Michelle Byrne gave us insights into Genomics Ireland, the democratic deficit in the Dáil, the Green Party conference and the Debenhams Strike.

To hear the full version and to attend future shows join us at:

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