#TortoiseShackLive – Housing Solutions Ep.204

The Government often hide their failures (is it failure or policy?) in housing by changing the language. Instead of new houses the say housing solutions. They say affordable housing, but don’t mention that they redefined this to no longer mean affordable, it’s simply discounted. You can read the Dublin Inquirer article on the O’Devaney deal HERE

So at our packed out live show we decided to put forward REAL housing solutions with a panel who know what they’re talking about: UCD’s Assistant Professor of Architecture, Ă“rla Hegarty, TU’s Housing Professor, Lorcan Sirr and Co-Founder and CEO of O Cualann Co-housing, Hugh Brennan. We cover where we really are, where the current policies (including the hapless Land Development Agency) are leading us and how we can fix it. This is a must listen for everyone, especially the Minister, Eoghan Murphy.

I want to thank the Wiley Fox for another great night, our guests for putting it as clearly as they did and the audience for an engaging and at times boisterous Q&A.

Finally, the great people of Threshold came along on the night. They do critical work in homelessness prevention. Please go to threshold.ie/donate and give what you can.

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