14. Stray Bullets with E.S Haggan

E.S. ‘Ed’ Haggan is a former Royal Ulster Constabulary officer who is active on Twitter as @redbrickedslums. He describes himself as ‘a writer of fiction about Irish terrorism and the lives it damages’. In this episode Ed talks about his experiences of living with CPTSD, shifting from wanting to be a marine biologist to joining the RUC as a teenager in 1986 during the tumult following the Anglo-Irish Agreement and experiences of policing in North and West Belfast and South Armagh and Newry. Ed also talks about his love of mysticism, mythology, black metal and power noise.
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*PIRA is a reference to the Provisional IRA
**Varg Vikernes is a founding member of the early black metal scene in Norway and was later imprisoned for murder
***Michael Moynihan is an American writer and journalist

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