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The Shrapnel Podcast

Shrapnel is the podcast that looks at pieces of the past in Northern Ireland. Hosted by Sam McIlwaine and Gareth Mulvenna, we aim to bring you the voices and conversations that aren’t given a platform by the mainstream media.
The Shrapnel Podcast is available now to download from iTunes and Soundcloud

David Adams

Please join us at David Adams is a former loyalist politician who as a leading member of the Ulster Democratic Party was hugely influential

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Billy Hutchinson

Please join us at Billy Hutchinson is the former leader of the Progressive Unionist Party and was a key figure in the negotiation of

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Blood on the Dancefloor

Please join us at Jordan Dunbar is a Northern Ireland born and London based BBC journalist, presenter and documentary maker. His recent documentary for

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The Ghost Limb

Please join us at Claire Mitchell is a writer and researcher from Belfast. Her recent book The Ghost Limb was published in 2022 to

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1. Shrapnel Returns

Please join us at Shrapnel Returns. As a soft launch Sam and Gareth decided to talk about the NI conflict, its legacy and some

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13. Lauren Kerr

This week on the Shrapnel Podcast I am joined by Lauren Kerr. Lauren was an Ulster Unionist Party candidate for East Belfast in the early

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11. Danielle Roberts

This week’s guest Danielle Roberts is currently researching a PhD on barriers to political participation among women from a Protestant, unionist and loyalist background. Her

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8. Prof Olwen Purdue

This week on the Shrapnel Podcast we are joined by Professor Olwen Purdue, who specialises in the social and economic history of nineteenth and twentieth-century

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Ep.7 Craig Murray

Craig Murray is curator for the Duxford historical site at the Imperial War Museum Duxford, working within the Cold War and Late 20th Century team.

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5. Eddie Kinner

(Note: The lads open the podcast with their thoughts on the death of Queen Elizabeth, interview starts at minute 10 approx) Eddie Kinner is a

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3. Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson is the son of the late SDLP politician Senator Paddy Wilson. Senator Wilson and his Protestant friend Irene Andrews were brutally murdered by

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