6. Eilish Rooney, Ballymurphy and the Transitional Justice Toolkit

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Eilish Rooney is Emeritus Scholar in the School of Applied & Social Policy Sciences and at the Transitional Justice Institute (TJI) in the School of Law at Ulster University. As an academic and social activist from Ballymurphy, West Belfast her pioneering work at University of Ulster on the Transitional Justice Grassroots Toolkit and cross-community dialogue has garnered respect across the sectarian fault lines of Belfast and further afield.
In this episode Eilish talks to the lads about her experiences of the developing feminist movement at the advent of the Troubles, the profound effect that the Ballymurphy Massacre and the recent inquest had on her community and her own creativity and the importance of advocating and articulating your social and political point of view in a way that does not diminish others.
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  1. Ballymurphy and the Transitional Justice this is well named. You and Sam exchange your history and experience’s very well.. I can remember my history in Ballymurphy well. Remember us being looked down on. We weren’t as good as them that didn’t come from Ballymurphy and they could look down on us – even having to take a lift home and pretending home was somewhere else.
    It was very interesting listening to Sam talking about the loyalist community and how individuals within it felt proud or the opposite according to what was happening.
    Eilish this is like a nest for feminism to be born, grow up and develop an awareness., a new consciousness which allows an new pride in feminism – not just there but it grows and you know it.
    Eilish you must have enjoyed this and your exchange with Sam encouraged it even more. Finally you have an awareness of how conversations can generate an awareness that is new and they own their own, yes their own!.

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