Gary Gannon – The #MEPshack Ep.56

Ireland is one of the most Pro EU countries and yet our electoral turnout for the European Elections is much more middling. Over the next few weeks across the tortoise shack we aim to bring you the voices of as many of the candidates for MEP as we can, albeit with our progressive values to the fore.

Kicking us off is first time MEP candidate and Social Democrat Councillor, Gary Gannon. He joins us to discuss his reasons for getting into the race, why the makeup of this next EU Parliament is so important and the values he’d like to see at the heart of the EU’s democratic structures.

Reminder: We are doing a #RebootLive this Friday, May 10th in Dublin City Centre, guests include Fr Peter McVerry and Director of the National Women’s Council, Orla O’Connor. Actor, writer and poet, Emmet Kirwan will opening the show at 6:30. Tickets:


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