John McGuinness #StraightTalk Ep.15

Politics, as the saying goes, is showbiz for ugly people. The cheap-shot aside, there is a perception that more and more we are represented by TD’s and Ministers who are more the product of media training than political nous. Our guest, Fianna Fail TD for Carlow/Kilkenny, John McGuinness certainly can’t be seen in that same bracket. He came into talk about the differences between Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael, the status of the Confidence and Supply arrangement and the need for real straight talking in politics, instead of spin and PR sound bites.Most importantly, he also has the Affordable Housing and Fair Mortgage Bill 2018 submitted to the Dáil. This, John believes, can be a vital cog in tackling the housing crisis and the imbalances in the financial and legal system that have left so many thousands of people vulnerable to the claws of vulture funds.

There’s no playing it safe in this conversation.

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