Leilani Farha #MakeTheShift Ep.37

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Leilani FarhaIn this week’s Reboot Republic Podcast we talk about the global housing crisis – what can be done – and why governments & cities must #MakeTheShift to guaranteeing the right to housing – ensuring everyone can live in dignity.

Leilani Farha is the United Nations Special Rapporteur for Housing. Lawyer, alumna of the University of Toronto, and a former Executive Director of Canada Without Poverty, Leilani has focussed her tenure as Special Rapporteur on economic inequality and tackling the absence of effective political action in solving the causes of homelessness and/or inadequate accommodation. Farha campaigns for the right to adequate housing for marginalized groups, she worked in Canada to implement United Nations resolutions that see homelessness as a violation of human rights. Farha has taken part in missions worldwide to examine the condition of housing rights and to develop policies to implement those rights. For more on her work visit: www.pushthefilm.com

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