Lorna Gold #ClimateGeneration Ep.55

In this Podcast we talk to Dr Lorna Gold, academic, climate campaigner and author of Climate Generation – Awakening to our children’s future. Lorna is an organiser with #FridaysForFuture – the global protest movement highlighting the urgent need for action on climate change. She is also a member of the Irish Government’s advisory group on the national climate dialogue.

We discuss the reality of climate change, capitalism and the hardwiring of unsustainability and over consumption within the system, the Green New Deal, the links between Climate Change, Inequality, Housing and Health. We also talk about Lorna’s attempts to convince the advisory group to join the protests and reminisce about Lorna and Rory’s days as activists in the Global Justice Movement in the late 1990s. Finally, we talk about what you can do – the need for citizens to act. The next strike is May 24th – will you be there? You can get a copy of Lorna’s Book, Climate Generation HERE.

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