Noemi Santopaolo & Grainne Keely #IWD2019

In a damning and shameful report from St. Vincent de Paul, it was revealed that single parent poverty levels have doubled in the last five years. For International Women’s Day 2019, we are joined in The Tortoise Shack by Noemi Santopaolo & Grainne Keely of Threshold, to discuss how government policies don’t just ignore, but punish single parents. As a country we should hang our heads in shame that we are still warehousing women and children in institutions for the ‘poor’ and working poor. Noemi and Grainne are advocating for changes that can slow the flow into homelessness and maybe begin to reverse the unnecessary cruelty built-in to our systems shortsighted polices. This is an eye-opening conversation with two wonderful women for whose work we are very grateful. Threshold is at the front-line in homelessness prevention, support them at

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