Professor Kathleen Lynch #Solidarity Ep.25

We are delighted to be joined by Professor Kathleen Lynch, one of the leading scholars and public intellectuals on issues of inequality, social justice, education and feminism. She has written many books and academic papers on these topics. In this Podcast she talks to us about contemporary Irish society and fundamentally challenges the dominant narratives that ignore and undermine the role of care and carers in society. This is a direct challenge to Leo Varadkars vision of A Republic of Rampant Individualism and, as Professor Lynch highlights, it is the carers who get up early in the morning. She stresses that we are all interdependent – and dependency is a welcome aspect of the human condition and not a negative trait as free marketeers and the Right expound. She argues for a solidarity based on morals and ethics of care and for the Left to work together to achieve the more equal society we should all be aiming for.

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