Róisín Shortall #Integrity Ep.40

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These days you’d be forgiven for thinking that accountability means the stage-managing of disasters and that leadership is measured in likes and retweets. But it is important to remember that not all politics is just PR. There is an alternative vision and a people centered politics. Our guest is TD, Co-Leader of the Social Democrats and a politician of integrity, Róisín Shortall. Listen in as she walks us through her time in government, explains why she was willing to act on her principles and shares with us a fascinating insight on the reasons behind her resignation as a Minister and Labour Party member in 2012. We discuss why, along with Catherine Murphy and Stephen Donnelly, she helped set up the Social Democrats, her work on Sláintecare and the need for a universal public health system. We also look at the scandal that is the National Children’s Hospital and why Fine Gael can no longer claim the title of the fiscally responsible party.

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